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How do I set up phone and video calls?

Setting up an audio conference

Using zoom video conferencing

To access your hospital telephone extension

Jabber Smart Phones

Jabber Desktop/Laptop

For first time set up, please open a ticket with helpdesk.

How do I work from home?

First time set up

Please ensure you have set up your FortiToken. If you need assistance, please contact

Please review the tips sheets below on setting up your FortiToken at each site:

St. Joseph's
Android Users       Apple Users

St. Michael's
Android Users       Apple Users

For full remote access, please contact:

Using your personal home PC or Mac

St. Michael's and St. Joseph's
Please use the Citrix workspace (chrome extension):
Citrix Workspace Installation.pdf

Please access and follow the instructions below.
Android Users       Apple Users

Using a Unity laptop

Please use the new FortiClient VPN.

For FortiClient VPN installation requests or inquiries, please contact:

Once FortiClient has been installed on your laptop, please follow the instructions below on how to use the application for remote access:

St. Michael's and St. Joseph's
FortiClient VPN Quick Start Guide

Providence FortiClient VPN Quick Start Guide


Login to check your Outlook email account using your network username and password

Employee Self-Serve
To access your Paystubs or Time Entry

St. Joseph's
Access via. St. Joseph's SJNET Portal
Remote Employee Self-Serve Paystub Login
Time Entry & Approval Remote Access Login Validation

St. Michael's
Access via. SMH Intranet
FAQs: My Business and Infor paystubs

Cross site shared network folder

eApps/Secure File Transfer